Learn Everything About Tekno Miles – The Innovative Musician from Nigeria

Tekno Miles hailed from the acclaimed Nigerian music scene and he has managed to make a name for himself as a versatile, innovative artist who frequently collaborates with Hollywood A-listers. His work is impeccable and there isn’t a song that we don’t like, in the words of Billie Eilish.

So, this leads us to the question of why he’s knowns as an Afrobeats sensation. How Tekno, who is just shy of turning 30, managed to become an international superstar.

Path to Stardom

Tekno Miles was born in a military family with five other siblings. The work of his dad for the Nigerian Army was the reason why he moved a lot during his childhood, but one aspect remained constant – his love for music. When he was eight years old, he demonstrated an affinity for music, and his parents enrolled him in a music school where he was taught piano and music theory, and there he also learned how to play the guitar.


But, it wasn’t until 2013 that his career as a musician officially started. He was signed with K-Money Entertainment, where he created his first hit single, ‘Holiday.’ Everything snowballed from there. Tekno became known for its innovative approach of combining melodic harmonies, sounds from different parts of Nigeria, and live instruments.

Tekno continued to make music in the following years, eventually getting recognized for his talent by a fellow artist – Julius Agwu. He then was signed by Made Men Music Group (MMMG), and under their direction, he released award-winning projects. He released the album The Evolution and singles Dance and Anything.

Aside from his success as a musician, Tekno is also a great entrepreneur. He has collaborated with famous brands and recently has become a brand ambassador of BitCasino. Here it is possible to find Tekno’s casino playlist with his favorite songs that will get you in the right mood when you’re playing casino games online.

After he had created the album Evolution, he created 2014 one of his greatest hits Duro which was not only recognized by critics but also peaked in most charts in Africa and gained significant radio coverage in the USA.

It was this song that promoted his music internationally and got him a position as one of the top ten hip hop and RNB artists in the USA.

Recent Success and Collaborations

In recent years signal has found an international theme to collaboration with acclaimed artists from the United States. As a producer, he was recognized for his work on Won’t Be Late by Swae Lee featuring Drake, and Drake has also featured Tekno on his Instagram. But, one of his greatest successes to this date is Beyoncé’s The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack that he worked on, specifically the song ‘Don’t Jealous Me’ in 2019.

Here we must mention the international superstar Billie Eilish that recently said in one interview that Tekno is her favorite artist. She likes each and every one of his songs which is high praise coming from someone like Billie Eilish.

Another testament to his success is the numerous awards and nominations, starting from the Best New Act of the Year in 2014 to being nominated for the African Video Of The Year on the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2016 and many other awards.

Final Thoughts

Old Romance is one of his latest albums which further proves that he’s an excellent musician, but he doesn’t work towards a singular goal all the time, like an entire album, for example. He is keen on working on music that inspires him at the moment, which is why he has so many hit songs but not so many new albums. However, we expect that to change, especially since Tekno has achieved international success, and in the future, he will probably work on even more successful projects on a global scale.

So, to sum up, Tekno Miles is an innovative artist who’s able to successfully blend different cultural motives from Nigeria with modern sounds and even live instruments. He’s not afraid to experiment to push the limits of his talents which is why his career is taking off globally.