LeBron James All Set To Break Bryant’s NBA Record

LeBron James
LeBron James

The NBA calendar is jam-packed with exciting matches for their league. Every Christmas, the teams demonstrate their strengths and try to dominate the other. The NBA has planned 12 hours of exciting matchups and interesting storylines to keep viewers hooked.Covid-19 restrictions will not put a dampener on the Christmas Day matches. 

Christmas day will begin with the Hawks against the Knicks. It is a much-awaited rematch. Their first game was in the playoffs last year. The Atlanta Hawks won with a 5 game victory. The New York Knicks are ready to avenge their humiliating defeat against the Hawks. Both teams have had a slow start this season due to the various injuries and absences. Their game is set to begin at noon ET.

Following the Hawks vs Knicks game, we will see the defending NBA champion, the Bucks vs the Celtics. The Celtics have dominated the Bucks this season. They will have a 3-0 victory, should they win tomorrow. Their match will begin at 2:30 pm ET.

Warriors vs Suns will begin at 5 pm ET. The league’s top two teams will face each other for the third time this season. Both have a victory against each other. Tomorrow’s match will be a tiebreaker. The Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors will play their last match against each other in March 2022.

LeBron James’ To Create NBA History

LeBron James will have the opportunity to break another NBA record on Christmas Day. LeBron James is only 12 points short of breaking Bryant’s record. Kobe Bryant holds the highest total Christmas scores with 395 in sixteen games. LeBron has 383 in fifteen games. LeBron James has an average of 26 points each match so it is very likely that he will break Kobe’s record. 

The final match for the day will be between Utah Jazz and the Dallas Mavericks. They will be fighting for the West’s playoff position. The Utah Jazz ended the previous season with the best records.