Joe Biden Behaving Like Former President

joe biden

Perhaps President Joe Biden is resuming what former president Trump has started with border policies. Some of the officers are frustrated and despise the president for this act. Trump-era policies were restricting people who can take refugees into the country and who cannot. One asylum officer witnessing so many similarities is making him confused. He asks himself if he is still working under the Trump administration or not. His behavior of Biden is not justified.

Joe Biden Dimmed The Light Everyone Was Expected To See

The asylum workers were hoping when former president Trump was implementing unwanted policies at the border, they have hit the rock bottom. Joe Biden coming into power made them believe in miracles. They hoped there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps that is proven to be wrong now.

The officers are tired and totally dislike the whole process. If history was supposed to repeat he could have done better things by now. People seeking asylum in the states have journeyed to the us-Mexico border. They are signing up for lifelong policies.

The policies stated by Trump are going to end on May 11th 2023. Title 42 was lifted by Joe Biden earlier this year. His recent behavior of his is different from what he previously promised. The asylum was built by the Joe Biden administration newly which Trump tore down.

They have again built the asylum administration from the scratch. They have created apps so that refugees can get help more efficient way. They fought in court to lift the title 42. They faced continuous roadblocks from the Republicans. They have dusted it off all. Now Joe Biden’s behavior makes them feel whatever they did was for nothing.