Legendary Tom & Jerry And Popeye Director Gene Deitch Dies Aged 95

Gene Deitch
Gene Deitch

Tom & Jerry had defined much of our childhood life. The cat-and-mouse chase sequences have been engraved in our minds like a happy memory that cannot be erased. Even now, if we watch the cartoons, we burst out laughing with the same child-like glee.

Unfortunately, we must understand that Tom & Jerry is an old cartoon, and its creators are older than the cartoon. Recently, one of the creators of Tom & Jerry, Gene Deitch passed away. He was 95.

On 16th April, Gene took his last breath. The cause of death has not been revealed. Petr Himmel confirmed the story and said that the illustrator died quite unexpectedly.

Eugene Merrill Deitch was his real name. He worked for North American Aviation as a draftsman and later entered into pilot training. For medical reasons, he was discharged in 1944. He went to work in the art world and his animation career started flying high.

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He was nominated for the Academy Award in 1958 for the film Sidney’s Family Tree. He worked under 20th Century Fox to create memorable characters like Gaston Le Crayon, Sidney the Elephant, and Clint Cobbler.

He even went to Rembrandt Films to produce a few Popeye shows and worked under Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for Tom & Jerry shorts. 

He is survived by his three sons and his wife from his first marriage.


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