West Virginia Transgender Law Blocked By Federal Judge!

West Virginia Transgender Law
West Virginia Transgender Law

On Wednesday, the West Virginia Transgender law was blocked temporarily by a judge of a federal court. The West Virginia Transgender law bars transgender girls and women from taking part in the sports team of schools that are identical with their gender. 

Becky’s Dream In Danger Because Of The West Virginia Transgender Law!

The lawsuit first got filed on the part of Becky Jackson, 11 years old, who is trying to take part in her school’s cross-country girls team. The lawyers fighting for Becky argued that this law is discriminating openly in terms of transgender status and sex. This violates both Title IX and the clause of Equal Protection inserted inside the Fourteenth Amendment.

The amendment is an education law of the federal government which prevents discrimination based on gender and sex. Therefore, the West Virginia Transgender law is discriminatory and should not stand. Defenders are getting enjoined from the enforcement of Section 18-2-25d on BPJ. 

The judge of West Virginia’s Southern district court stated that Becky will sign up and participate in the teams of school athletics. She will be treated as her classmates are being treated in the school. The lawyers demanded an injunction from the judge because the practice of the cross-country girls team begins this month. On 1st July, the West Virginia Transgender law came into effect.

The Bridgeport School’s principal told the mother of Becky that she would not be able to participate on the team during the fall because of the West Virginia Transgender law. Pepper-Jackson released a statement in which she said that it is her dream to take part in the cross-country girls team and follow in the shoes of her family. Now her dream looks to be in danger because of this law. 

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