Leigh Anne Pinnock Refrains To Disclose Twins’ Names

Leigh Anne Pinnock
Leigh Anne Pinnock

Leigh Anne Pinnock is a renowned singer. She is well known in the recent singing circuit and is very talented. Leigh is one of the promising upcoming talents in recent times. Critics have stated that she has the potential to become the future star. 

The singer was born on 4th October 1991 in England. She sings for the British Band “Little Mix”. The band is formed by a group of extremely talented girls. Little Mix appeared at The X Factor as well. They bossed the reality show and won it eventually. This made them the first group of singers to win the British reality show. 

The band has gained a lot of popularity and has managed a worldwide business of 60million records. Leigh Anne Pinnock has recently been on the seventh heaven. She is about to embrace motherhood. The would-be mommy is, however, reluctant to share the names of her babies. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Leigh Anne Pinnock Does Not Share Babies’ Name

It’s double joy for Leigh Anne Pinnock! The singer has been reported to be the mother of twins. She had given birth to her babies in the month of August. Pinnock stated that Andray Gray was the father of the baby. Gray is the fiance of Leigh and the couple is planning to tie the knot soon. However, the singer has taken a conservative approach when it comes to naming her babies. 

In a recent interview, the singer stated that she does not want to disclose the names. Leigh stated that she wanted to keep her babies’ names private. She further stated her experiences with the young ones. Leigh Anne Pinnock states that one can never schedule a day while having babies. Plans are most likely not to work out. One has to be always on their toes. Leigh Anne Pinnock has expressed her joy in becoming a mother.