Kal Penn Announces Himself Gay

Kal Penn
Kal Penn

Kal Penn has been one of the most talented actors on American television. His original name is Kalpen Suresh Modi. Penn was born on the 23rd of April, 1977. He has also served as a member of the White House. He was a part of the administration of Barack Obama. 

The actor gained significant popularity by portraying Lawrence Kutner in ” House”. Penn also had immense success in the movie “Harold & Kumar”. Kal portrayed the role of Kumar Patel in the film. Apart from being a terrific actor, Kal Penn also serves as the guest lecturer at Pennsylvania University. 

He has recently come out and made a brave decision. The actor opened up himself to the world as a homosexual. This announcement was made recently with fans and followers reacting heavily. Let us learn about the incident in detail below. 

Kal Penn Engaged For Eleven Years 

Kal Penn took an appreciable step when he came out as gay. In a recent announcement, Penn opened up about his sexual preferences. He revealed his relationship with his partner. As per reports, Penn and his partner have been dating for the past eleven years. The announcement was made by the star before his book release. While attending an interview for the release, Penn stated his gay status.

The interview also had his partner, Josh along with him. The actor seemed excited to share the news with his fans. He recalled the first meeting between him and Josh. Kal Penn stated that he never expected things to work out. Josh always seemed to be very much romantic. However, with time the relationship developed and now they are inseparable. Kal Penn has the release of his book ” You Can’t Be Serious” due on Tuesday.