Maybe Some Puns Are Better Left Unsaid As Lil Nas X Apologises To Offended Trans Community

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X

American Rapper Lil Nas X was found recently making quite an offensive statement attacking towards Trans Community as he posted a picture of himself alongside a woman who lookalike at him with a pun that stated the surgery was successful, this tweet has blown up the internet with angry netizens criticizing the singer’s harsh words.

Lil Nas X Might Not Be In The Hardest Ground As His Latest Post Is Taking A Huge Toll

In the now-deleted tweet shared this Tuesday, the “Industry Baby” singer posted a wild photo showcasing a woman with similar features to him alongside the frame, giving the caption that the surgery went successfully. The harmless humorful joke turned out to be quite deadly as it bit Lil Nas X in his own tongue for shaming the Transgender Community as he joked about getting transitioned.

The post met some furious, angry netizens receiving a handful of criticism from the LGBTQIA+ community due to his offensive joke regarding transgender individuals. This tweet comes in right at the edge of the procession in anti-trans bills amounting to 400 which are currently getting proposed all across the nation of United States, as informed by sources from the ACLU.

Amongst the hurdles of comments received by Lil Nas X one read, why was a gay cisgender male trying to make a transitioning punchline exhibiting it as a joke? The performer, 23 who goes by the name of Montero Lamar Hill in real life responds to the given tweet by saying that he’s in nowhere in the wrong as he was just mentioning how the woman looked alike to him and nothing else.

This argument was backed up by another tweet where the user quoted the said expression and wrote that he didn’t have to mention the surgery though which soon got a reply from Lil Nas X saying well that was because of her breasts and asked whether the replier was that dense to understand the statement.