Lindsey Graham Verbally Attacks Putin

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham is one of the most prominent political leaders of the United States of America. He has had an ornamented career and is very much successful.

Lindsey has expressed his opinion on the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia recently. While speaking about the attacks, Graham said that he wants the Russian President to be assassinated.

This was a very strong statement that made everyone sit up and take notice. Graham was approached once again by the press recently. They asked him whether he still stands on his statement about Vladimir Putin or not.

Lindsey Graham agreed and confirmed that he did want Putin to be killed. The Senator criticized the Russian President and stated that his attacks were a disgrace to humanity. Lindsey said that he has no regret in admitting that Vladimir Putin shall be killed.

Lindsey even compared Putin with the likes of Adolf Hitler. His comments, however, did not please many of the Senators. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Lindsey Graham Criticized For His Statements 

Lindsey Graham has been criticized heavily for his remarks against Putin. Ted Cruz commented that Graham’s comments were a terrible idea.

Jen Psaki also said that the statement should not have come from anyone in the US administration. Psaki also clarified that the comment was from an individual point of view. 

Lindsey Graham also said that the late John McCain would also have supported his statement. McCain and Graham were very good friends for a long time.

The daughter of John, Meghan McCain has lashed out at Lindsey for discussing her father.