Vladimir Putin Threatened Companies That Are Ditching Russia

Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin suggested the idea that companies who are going against Russia in this wartime will be boycotted and interested companies will be nationalized. However, as per Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary of the White House, this threat will further disrupt the economy of Russia. 

Vladimir Putin Ways To Win The War With Ukraine

In a statement given by Vladimir Putin, all the colleagues and investors who are working for Russia in this hard time must be protected by their Government. The report of RIA Novosti states that Putin wants to close the relationship with companies that are not working with them and are planning to centralize interested companies of Russia by the introduction of external control policy. 

In the views of Psaki, Vladimir Putin is considering capturing all the U.S. assets and the companies that belong from different countries and have decided to not cooperate with Russia. She also added that it is the decision of the companies whether they want to do business with Russia or not. 

However, the decision to take away the assets of these companies will further degrade the Russian economy. Moreover, such a declaration by Vladimir Putin also meant a warning to the international companies that Russia is not a safe country to invest in. Psaki also mentioned that all the companies who are making this hard decision will be protected by the Government of theU.S. 

Companies that have stopped their businesses with Russia are BP, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, and many more. The Ukrainian Committee of Finance asked the U.S. lawmakers to completely ban the companies from The New York Stock Exchange that are supporting Russia. Maryan Zablotskyy stated that in this wartime, where Russia has invaded Ukraine without any warning, taxes must not be paid to the Government of Russia as they are using those to finance the invasion.