Lionel Messi Could Join Cristiano Ronaldo To Get Saudi Arabia On The FIFA Map

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi could be moving to the Saudi Pro League this summer- after Cristiano Ronaldo generated massive headlines when he moved to Al Nassr in December.

Now, while the biggest footballing stars of the last three decades could be seen in Saudi Arabia, sources have informed me that the summer will also see a completely different brood of players moving to the Saudi Pro League.

As it stands, the Middle Eastern country has its sights on hosting the FIFA World Cup for the very first time in December, and the country has been planning on submitting a bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2030. This could be a tricontinental tournament- as Egypt and Greece have also put in their proposals. Also, the introduction of Cristiano Ronaldo to the SPL also allowed the SPL to get recognized- as it struck broadcasting deals in several European countries just a month after Ronaldo arrived at Al Nassr. 

Lionel Messi could move to SPL

Since then, a large focus has been shed on Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance for Al Nassr, and it could be another massive headline if Lionel Messi were to join Al Hilal, the most successful club in the country at the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain. The friendly match between PSG and Al Nassr in Riyadh on the 19th of January did offer a taste of what one could expect from such an event. This would also be the first time the two rivals were in the same league since 2018- when Ronaldo left for Juventus. 

Apart from the possible inclusion of Lionel Messi, Saudi Arabian sources have talked about plans for up to 50 players from the top five leagues in Europe, and the top-flight league of Portugal to move to the SPL this summer. This move has been completely backed by the Ministry of Sports in the country and could be lucrative for those players who are out of a contract.