George Conway, A Trump Opponent, Gives Biden’s Reelection Campaign The Maximum Amount Possible

George Conway

The legal maximum amount that may be donated to the Biden Victory Fund is $929,600, which was given by Trump opponent George Conway. On April 24 in Washington, DC, the seasoned conservative lawyer—who was previously wed to Kellyanne Conway, a former Trump campaign manager and senior advisor—will also be the main attraction at a fundraiser for President Joe Biden’s campaign.

“This election is about nothing less than whether we’ll continue to live in a democracy under the rule of law,” Conway said to CNN when asked why he made the gift. Since something is priceless, I think my contribution was a good deal.

George Conway Says That He Wants To Make A Statement About Being All In

George Conway told her, “I want to make a statement, I’m all in,” when she requested him to lead the fundraiser. Melissa Moss, a strategic consultant based in Washington, DC, who coordinated the event with public relations specialist Susan Brophy, told CNN that she did not request any financial compensation.

The first to report on Conway’s participation in the event was Axios.