Liverpool Woke Up To Reality After A 7-0 Man United Win


Liverpool fans were pretty happy defeating their arch-rivals 7-0 in a English premier league game. It seemed like their bad times are over and Klopp and his reds are finally finding their form in the league and in other competitions. However, they got a reality check instantly just after a few days of that United triumph.

Liverpool lost their next league match after a 7-0 win against Man United. Liverpool lost to Bournemouth 1-0 this weekend and their slump is constantly continuing. The Merseyside reds have been immensely inconsistent this season. They stand six points away from the fourth spot in the table and Klopp needs to figure out the ASAP if they want to compete in the Champions League next season.

Liverpool Showing Inconsistency Again:

Their defeat last weekend against Bournemouth just a few days after their triumph against Manchester United is the second time that Pool has lost this season against a team that was sitting in the bottom of the league table.

The times are tough for the fans of Merseyside Reds. They have now lost  a total of fifteen points against struggling opponents in the league this season which could have helped them to be present comfortably in the top four race. Even though they still have a game against Tottenham, Pool is in grave danger.

This could be a huge concern for Klopp as his side has been one of the best teams in England in the past few seasons. Liverpool need to sort things out soon as more of the league’s strugglers is awaiting their arrival in their backyard next month after the World Cup break. Without finding their form against such teams, they might even lose their chances to appear in the Champions League next season.