Manhattan DA Said Focus On The Evidence And On The Law

Manhattan DA

The prosecutor of New York City is up against Donald Trump. The Manhattan DA has filed a case against the former president as he is alleged to be involved in some cover-up and hush money role. Talking on the show PoliticsNation by MSNBC, Alvin Bragg did not went into the details as he considers this as an active investigation. However, he has been impressed by the professionalism of his team.

He said that they will only follow the facts and for them it does not matter from which party does the person belong to or how powerful they are. It is all about what the law says about their actions. However, the Manhattan DA also said that he will not talk a lot about the incident as it is an ongoing investigation.

The ongoing investigation on the former president includes a huge payment to a star of the adult film industry back in October 2016. This was before the presidential election back then. The allegations are that this payment was made to keep her silent about her affair with Donald Trump that happened almost a decade earlier.

Manhattan DA Talks About Evidence And Things Allowed By The Law:

The prosecutors of Manhattan DA have asked the ex-president to arrive at Manhattan before the jury. This will help them investigate the role of Donald Trump in these allegations, a person who is familiar with the flow of the incidents have talked about it. He said that the decision to charge Donald Trump on these allegations will probably arrive sooner than later.

As per our sources Trump has recently went to meet the legal team he has hired to talk about the available options and will decide if they want to appear in front of the jury or not.

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