Liz Cheney Accuses Former President Trump Of Violating The Norms Of The President’s Office

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

The Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney accused Donald Trump of violation of the norms of the presidential office. Her reaction came after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy visited trump at Mar-a-Lago. Cheney publicly rejected Trump’s accusations of fraud mishaps in the election after he lost his position to Joe Biden. As a result of which Liz Cheney was ousted last month from her leadership position by the House of Republicans. However, Kevin McCarthy supported Donald Trump in his claims once the election results were out.

Liz Cheney belongs to a political family. Her father Dick Cheney was the former Vice President. Liz has always made headlines for her clash with Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy was in search of a proper scope to form an alignment with Donald Trump. Liz Cheney did not hesitate to compare the Chinese Communist Party leadership to that of Trump. She said in one of her interviews that from all this it becomes quite evident that the American Democracy would be discredited for a wrong move by a political leader. 

Trump And McCarthy Strategise For Next Year’s Mid Term Targetting Liz Cheney

The January 6th riots that broke out at the Capitol Building saw Trump supporters thronging the building. The incident led to 100 injured police officers and the halting of the Electoral College Votes counting for over 5 hours. Two weeks after that, Kevin McCarthy the Californian Republican visited Donald Trump. It was being said that Liz Cheney was being targeted by the former president. In the month of May, Kevin McCarthy also confirmed his opposition to the formation of a bipartisan core committee for the investigation of the riots that took place. Ultimately last month Liz Cheney was beaten by Representative Elise Stefanik for the House Republican Conference Chair.