January 6 Committee Sends 10 More Subpoenas To Trump Confidantes


The January 6 Committee, which has been thoroughly investigating the Capitol Riots on the 6th of January has issued 10 more subpoenas. The subpoenas have all been sent to officials under the former President Donald Trump, with the panel charging in to locate testimony and seek documents from multiple witnesses that are crucial to its investigation.

The 10 subpoenas follow the six other subpoenas which were announced last Monday. The recipients on Tuesday have, as far as reports go, been asked to bring over the documents to the committee on the 23rd of November- with depositions to take place throughout the month of December. 

January 6 Committee Issuing Subpoenas

The January 6 Committee has sent 10 subpoenas to Nicholas Luna, the personal assistant of former President Trump, and Molly Michael, the special assistant of the former President and the Oval Office operations coordinator. The subpoenas have also been sent to Ben Williamson, the deputy assistant of the President, Christopher Liddell, the deputy chief of staff, and John McEntee, the personnel director of the White House under Trump.

The Committee also issued subpoenas to Keith Kellogg, the national security adviser to Mike Pence, Kayleigh McEnany, the Press secretary under Trump, and Stephen Miller, the senior adviser of Donald Trump. Finally, the subpoenas were also sent to Cassidy Hutchinson and Kenneth Klukowski. 

The new subpoenas sent by the January 6 Committee are simply their attempt to reach more of the senior leadership within the White House during the Presidency of Donald Trump- which would allow them to target some former rank and file officials of the White House. 

While the Department of Justice hasn’t yet indicated if the prosecutors would be interested in pursuing criminal contempt charges against Steve Bannon- the ally of Trump- for defying the congressional order, the January 6 committee are still pushing for the subpoenas.

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