Lizzo Gets Emotional Breaking Down To Tears After Receiving Racist And Fat-shaming Comments


Lizzo, the musician, chose to take to Instagram after receiving hurtful comments and responses on releasing “Rumors”, the latest single by her with Cardi B as a collaborator.

Lizzo claimed the spotlight again after the release of “Rumors”. The video is set to be hitting the internet on Friday. While the fans are excited regarding the track, some people have been going after the singer making rude comments about her appearance. The hurtful statements became too much to bear for the singer, and she appeared on an Instagram live to address the issue.

Coming on to the live, Lizzo welled up with tears and stated that she has been feeling overly sensitive lately because she has been working really hard. She also says that the release of her track should be one of the days where she should feel having the best day, instead, she feels low because of the comments she has been receiving. 

Lizzo took the internet by storm when she made a statement saying no matter how much positivity is radiated by an individual, there are still going to be people who have something or the other to say in order to put others down. The singer claimed that not liking her music is fine, but making comments on her appearance is racist and hurtful.

Lizzo On Getting Back At Hurtful Commenters

Lizzo got back to the rude commenters with a positive outlook. She stated clearly that she makes music only for herself, and she loves doing it. Everyone is welcome to enjoy her shows and her music, but the ones making rude comments can do whatever they want. She strongly addressed racism and mentioned that no woman should have to endure what she has. 

Cardi B also stepped in her support and retweeted a fan who had spoken for her support. The tweet spoke about the single and that the song is doing great. Lizzo should do nothing but enjoy the time.