Ron DeSantis Still Owes $18K In Student Debt

Ron DeSantis

As a result of the popularity of his book intended to support his presidential ambitions, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has seen a huge increase in his wealth and has now reached the million-dollar mark. DeSantis is still struggling with student loan problems, despite his newfound income. DeSantis’s net worth increased dramatically. From the $319,000 he disclosed in June of the previous year to $1.17 million in 2022. It was Revealed in a tax form submitted to the state of Florida.

Ron DeSantis received $1.25 million from HarperCollins Publishers. In addition to his governor’s salary of $141,400, which he received last year. And had a reputed $2 million advance.

Ron DeSantis’ Net Worth Revealed

For a political candidate’s autobiography, DeSantis’ book swiftly rose to New York Times bestseller status, selling roughly 170,000 print copies by mid-June.

The governor has no stated real estate holdings or interests after selling his family home when he took office. Instead, he decided to retain his money in a few retirement funds as well as checking and savings accounts with USAA, a bank that caters to service personnel and veterans. DeSantis still owes more than $18,000 in student loans. Back from his time at Yale University and Harvard Law School, despite his financial success. He was able to pay down around $2,600 of the sum due last year.

Notably, DeSantis has criticized President Biden’s pledges to forgive millions of Americans’ school debts while stressing the value of individual accountability. Biden proposed to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars in federally owned student loan debt.  

It is unclear how DeSantis’s personal experience would influence his position on student debt reform in the future as the political landscape continues to debate this subject.