Looks Like The Apple Watch Series 6 Could Sport A Blood Oxygen Sensor

The annual event where Apple makes all its announcements is yet pending. Scheduled in the month of September, the event might just reveal the hardware changes that the new Apple Watch Series 6 might be packed with.

Sources suggest that Apple’s Watch Series 6 may become the first Apple Watch to include a blood oxygen sensor.

With the world struck hard with the novel coronavirus, a blood oxygen sensor or pulse oximetry has proven to be more essential than anything. And Apple may have included this feature in its hardware as sources leak.

We are aware of many new features that this Watch Series is going to possess as per previous reveals regarding the same. However, news on this hardware change is rather new.

Sources also reported that Apple has struck a deal with ASE Technology, a supplier based in Taiwan has been given the project of manufacturing Series 6.

Even though Apple has currently not made any announcements regarding its inclusion of a blood oxygen sensor, rumors and sources line up to indicate its possibility.

A normal reading of a pulse oximetry is 95-100%. With this device flying off the shelves it’ll be a huge move on Apple’s part to include it in its hardware.  


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