Chris Brown Allegedly Drugged And Raped A Woman


Chris Brown, the R&B artist, is being sued by a woman. According to the lawsuit, Brown allegedly drugged and raped her aboard a boat.

The lady, Jane Doe, said the attack took place aboard a boat anchored at the Miami residence of rapper P Diddy, whose actual name is Sean J Combs, on December 30, 2020, according to the lawsuit.

The identity of the yacht’s owner remains unknown.

Chris Brown Has A Rape Allegation Against Him

The lady is a Los Angeles-based choreographer, dancer, model, and musician. Brown took her friend’s phone and told her that he had heard about her music and wanted her to come over to Diddy’s mansion on Star Island as soon as possible.

Chris Brown handed the lady a mixed drink in the kitchen and provided her advice on how to launch a career in the music industry, according to the complaint.

Brown stated she began to experience a rapid, unexpected shift in awareness after refilling the woman’s glass.

According to the complaint, she became disoriented and physically unsteady, and Brown took her down a corridor and into an unoccupied bedroom on the yacht.

The lady, who was just wearing a bikini, attempted to flee, but Brown caught her, put her on the bed, and kissed her, according to the complaint.

Brown allegedly raped her despite her protests, according to the lawsuit.

Chris Brown allegedly ejaculated within her, hopped up, and declared himself “done,” according to the lawsuit. Brown contacted her the next day, saying he was “extremely fading” and couldn’t remember if he had ejaculated or not, according to the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, he then “demanded” that she use emergency contraception, which she did.

Last summer, the lady visited Chris Brown two more times after he invited her to his Tarzana, California, home studio to listen to new songs.

Brown had asked if she wanted to enter his bedroom again on the second visit, but when she declined, he became loud and angry in front of everyone, telling her she would never be an artist until she was willing to do what was required, according to the lawsuit. In addition to punitive penalties and attorney’s expenses, the lady is demanding $20 million in damages.