Los Angeles Lakers Are Favorites To Win NBA This Season?

los angeles lakers

Los Angeles Lakers have genuinely produced some great results in this year’s NBA. However, as things stands, there are no reasons to take the Los Angeles team seriously right now. They are currently in 13th position of the Western Conference. This means they have to overtake three teams in the table to enter the play-in tournament. However, when the media persons asked LeBron James if the Lakers could enter the postseason, he said that he has always been confident in the capability of Los Angeles Lakers. The legend of the game did not hesitate to say if the Los Angeles Lakers enter the postseason they are as good as any other teams in the competition.

LeBron James during his game in Salt Lake City said that the current roaster is pumping his hopes up for this season. The legend said that with the current team, if they can somehow enter the postseason, they are capable enough to compete against any teams in the Western Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers Might Not Enter Post Season This Year;

However, James’ comments show the confidence any player in his position would possess. However, the stats are speaking another language. However, the second half of the season is beginning to start, and with only nine games left in hand, even the biggest fans are not ready to think they will appear in the postseason.

However, there are reasons for the fans of Los Angeles Lakers to trust in the team as since the beginning of NBA.com, at least three teams over the past three decades were able to qualify from the position Lakers are currently in.

With the team they have, and LeBron James in the team, Los Angeles Lakers can dream despite some other teams in their position has the same chances too.




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