Love Is Blind Star McNeely Gets Emotional Revealing Her Finalized Divorce

Love Is Blind

As she wraps up her divorce from her ex-husband Jarrette Jones, Love Is Blind’s Iyanna McNeely is seen upset.

The second season of Love Is Blind star revealed her feelings and the news in a sad love-themed TikTok on Wednesday. She responded, wiping away tears, stating that It’s official and the divorce is really a sorrow. As much as everyone makes fun of how long they were married, she believes that her expectations, efforts, and tears made the couple’s union a reality. She justifies that she’s sobbing for the hopeful girl she was at the start of her marriage.

McNeely said that she’s crying for the marriage she believed could succeed along with the man she thought he was who persuaded her in the beginning. She did mention that amidst all the filming, there were strong moments that strengthened the connection.

Love Is Blind Actors Jarette And Iyanna Moving On After Divorce

Jones and McNeely met while filming season two of Love Is Blind and got engaged without a prior meeting. After living together for a while on-screen, both decided to get married in the series finale. The pair was also depicted as still being wed in an After the Altar special that was shot after their wedding.

The couple announced their separation in August. In October, they formally filed for separation. The two claimed that their lives were going on separate paths at the time.   

She had doubts about her time with Jarette, some of which went beyond her sense of identity, saying there’s no point if her own partner can’t recognize her value. She claimed she can just talk from personal experience but hopes Jarrette may learn to be vulnerable with his loved ones.

Jones told PEOPLE that his divorce had officially been finalized and that he’ll continue to be her friend and wish her the best. He thanks everyone for their support, love, and understanding through this journey.