John Madden Has Nothing But Praise For Michigan Offensive Line

John Madden
John Madden

While Jim Harbaugh got a lot of praise after Michigan’s upset with Ohio State, it was John Madden’s text message which elevated the mood. As it stands, the list of people reaching out to Harbaugh was way too long- which included his parents, his brother, his wife, his kids, and former players.

But the text message from Madden, a Hall-of-Fame coach, and broadcaster, definitely was the icing on the cake. Harbaugh raved that Madden had commented that this was the best offensive line performance that he had ever been witness to. Harbaugh then forwarded the message to Sherrone Moore, the offensive line coach of Michigan. 

John Madden Praised Jim Harbaugh’s Win Over Ohio State

John Madden is an old friend of the Harbaughs. He was on the dormant podcast of Jim and Jack back in 2018, and Jesse- his grandson- is also on the team. But, it was definitely a massive day for Michigan as the Wolverines managed to pile up close to 297 yards, along with six touchdowns, to bring up the score 42-27 over Ohio State.

Ever since then, the fallout has been absolutely massive, with Michigan jumping to the second spot in the APL Top-25 poll this week- and expected to jump into the Top 4 of the College Football Playoff rankings on Tuesday night. 

Harbaugh later stated that the text from John Madden was definitely amazing- as he had mentioned in the text that being a former offensive lineman himself, he knew the intricacies of a good play when he saw one- and this was the best he had ever seen. 

After the game, Jim Harbaugh was asked about the bromance he shared with Juwan Howard, the Michigan men’s basketball coach- where a hug between them was captured by spectators and put online. To this, Harbaugh stated that it was definitely very cool. To be fair though, it was no John Madden-texting-him-about-the-game cool.