LUV Has A Price Target Set At $69


The price target of LUV has been increased by stock analysts working at The Goldman Sachs Group from a sum of $47 to a sum of $69 in a Tuesday report. The brokerage has already put up a rating of buy on the stock of the airline. The price target of the brokerage firm indicates an increase of around 11.11% on the previous close of the company.

Stock Commentary of LUV

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of LUV. Credit Suisse Group has already increased the price target of the company from $51 to $62 along with a rating of outperform in a 29th January research report. Raymond James has gone down the other road, with a rating of strong buy reduced to outperform with a price target that has been increased to $54 in a 30th November research note.

Zacks Investment Research has also decreased the shares of the company from a rating of hold to a rating of sell with a price target of $46 in a 2nd February research report. Citigroup has increased the price target from $40 to $50 in a 19th January research note. In the end, Sanford C. Bernstein increased the shares of the company from a rating of market perform shifted to outperform in a price target of $59.

Two of the investment analysts covering the firm have given it a rating of sell, while two others have given it a rating of hold. Around seventeen of the research analysts have prescribed the stocks of LUV with a buy rating with a $52.29 price target. 

The stocks of LUV traded on Tuesday at $62.10. The year low of the company is $22.47, while the year high has been set at $62.76. The market cap of the firm is $36.68 billion, with a -22.26 PE ratio, and a 139.97 PEG ratio. The current ratio of LUV is 2.07, with a 2.01 quick ratio.

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