Kevin McCarthy Claims Investigation Results Will Determine Gaetz’s Situation

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the minority of the House, gave a statement with regard to the controversy that has currently engulfed Matt Gaetz, the Representative. The minority leader stated that the Representative will not be facing any form of punishment until the charges are filed. The statement comes following the allegations of sex trafficking that are made against the Republican Representative. 

Kevin McCarthy On The Allegations Made Against Gaetz

Kevin McCarthy stated that Matt Gaetz has the liberty of any other citizen of the country. That is, he is an innocent “until proven guilty.” This statement was given by him following a question with regard to the removal of the Republican Representative from the committee of the House Judiciary. The minority leader further added that no charges have been filed against him until now. And in case it is done so, then necessary actions will be taken undoubtedly. 

As of now, the 38-year-old Representative is currently under investigation following the allegations that are made against him. The investigation is being carried out by the Department of Justice of the country. Gaetz stands accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor girl. If the allegations made against him turn out to be true, then the Republican will face serious penalties for violating the laws of sex trafficking.

All the allegations have been denied by Matt Gaetz. Kevin McCarthy also confirmed the fact that he was told by the Representative that he is innocent. According to reports, this was stated in a private conversation that took place between the two. 

Kevin McCarthy cleared on where he stands in the case of the Republican Representative. He stated that he does not have anything to say against Gaetz as there has been no conclusion reached with regard to the investigation. He approved that he will wait until the investigation is being done.

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