Macy Gray In Favor Of Redesigning The Divisive, Tattered And Dated US Flag

Macy Gray
Macy Gray

Macy Gray believes that the time has come for lowering the flag of the United States. The singer who is a winner of the Grammy Award called the flag of the United States incorrect, divisive, dated, and tattered. She also added that the flag doesn’t represent each and every American. 

Macy Gray Called The US Flag As Inaccurate And Incorrect!

According to Macy Gray, the flag of the United States has gotten hijacked as a code for specific beliefs. It seems unfair to her to honor this flag. She wrote that the time has come for a redesigned new flag. She cited the waving of the flags of the United States by many people on 6th January storming Capitol Hill.

On 6th January many people stormed the gates of Capitol Hill to protest against the victory of President Joe Biden. Macy Gray cited this incident and said that the US flag doesn’t represent freedom and democracy anymore. Gray also argued giving reasons that the flag of the United States appears to be incorrect. She has said that the flag is supposed to have fifty-two stars when it just has fifty stars. 

For decades now, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. have been calling for statehood. Both these places have been denied statehood. The statehood would allow these territories to have seats for elected officials inside the House. Macy Gray added that assuming the representatives of Puerto Rico be Hispanic and Washington D.C. be African-American, they would be Democratic in political opinions. This seems very racist to Macy Gray. The singer also put in an argument where she said that a new US flag having appropriate stripes and stars which will be OFF-white in color would represent all of them. 

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