Chris Harrison From “The Bachelor” Will Be Stepping Down For A While

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison

The host of the two popular entertainment shows, “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor”, Chris Harrison, gave an announcement with regard to him leaving the show. This incident took place this Saturday. He said that he will be staying away from the show for a time that is unknown to everyone.

This entire issue owes its origin to an interview that the host had been a part of. It came out as a controversial one. The reason for this is because Chris Harrison had spoken in favour of one of the contestants of the show. The contestant was found guilty of getting involved with a racist photo.

Chris Harrison’s Statement On His Decision

The host gave a statement over the social media platform, Instagram, with regard to the issue. he shared a post in which he showed support for the show, The Bachelor. He stated that his actions should not be responsible for overshadowing the show which was currently having its “historic season”.

Chris Harrison added that he already reached a conclusion after having a meeting with ABC as well as the Warner Bros. the hist made it known that he will not be having any involvement with the sow for a period of time that has not yet been revealed. He also claimed that he will be absent from the special episode of “After the Final Rose”.

Chris Harrison further mentioned that he would be dedicated to the process of learning more on a level that was both productive and profound. He did not fail to make them mention of the people in his life, his friends, fans, and the members of the crew. The host said that he would ensure these people that he was committed to bettering himself.