Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Relief Package Passed By The Senate Despite Republican Opposition

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The coronavirus relief package of 1.9 trillion USD advocated by the president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, finally got passed. It was done on the floor of the Senate. The passage was successful only after a debate that went on for a total of 24 hours.

The debate began this Friday at 9 in the morning. And it went on until 12:30 pm on the next day. The total votes secured by the bill was 50-49. The bill faced opposition from all the members of the Republican party. This took place while all the members of the Democratic party supported it including the first female vice-president of the country, Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden’s Relief Package Features

As per the features of the bill of Joe Biden, most American citizens will be provided with direct payments up to around 1,400 USD. This is not it. There are a lot of benefits that will follow. It includes huge funding for the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccines across the country.

And will also provide funds to various educational institutions as well as to those industries that are hit by the lockdown. The bill has not become a law yet. It still needs to get passed by the vote of the House. This will be done this coming Tuesday when it gets signed by president Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden took to the social media platform, Twitter, to give a statement with regard to the success of the bill. He went on to thank his party members from the Senate for keeping up with the promise. Earlier he had promised to uplift the country from the loss face by the lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic. He called the passage a “giant step” towards delivering the promise.

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