MagEZ Card Sleeve 2 Is A Must For Professionals

MagEZ Card

The MagEZ Card Sleeve is extremely useful and is compatible with iPhone 12 Series, MagEZ Case Series, and other phone cases with MagSafe.

You can attach this magnetic phone case wallet to your iPhone 12 or MagEZ Case and can easily fit your business cards or credit cards into it. Strong magnets allow the card sleeve to connect seamlessly to the phone case, ensuring the card wallet stays safely and securely attached. The Sleeve has a specially designed protective layer that can fit in 2 magnetic stripe cards, chip and PIN cards, or 4 business cards while ensuring that the design is ultra-thin.

The Elements That The Products Offer Are:

1: Magnetic Connectivity

2: MagSafe Compatible

3: Slim And Precisely Cut Design

4: Magnetic Stripe Cards Compatible

5: Can Hold 2 Bank or 4 Business Cards

The Features Offered By The Product

1: Usefulness

You can simply attach this sleek card wallet to your iPhone 12 or your MagEZ Case to access your cards when you are on the way. The wallet can stick magnetically to your Apple iPhone 12 or you can go for the MagEZ Case with your phone/ iPad Pro/Air to attach this sleeve.

2: Slim And Minimalist Design

The magnetic phone wallet is precisely cut with a single seam. The ultra-thin design will allow you to hold your phone comfortably, even when it’s attached.

3: Magnetic Stripe Card Protection

The MagEZ Card Sleeve is designed to hold any type of card that includes chip & PIN and magnetic stripe cards without becoming demagnetized. 

4: Essential

It is perfect if you are a professional as you can access your transit pass, electronic swipe cards, and business cards.

The Specifications Of The Product

The MagEZ Card Sleeve 2 is 0.37 inches long or 96 millimeters. The width of the product is around 0.24 inches or 63 millimeters. The depth of the sleeve is 0.09 inches or 2.55 millimeters.

You can attach this sleeve to the MagEZ Case or MagEZ Case Pro.

You cannot use this with the Air case and is not compatible with the MagEZ Wallet or MagEZ Wallet UE.

Always remember to remove the cards before you charge your phone wirelessly.

The Sleeve is made from Soft-touch PU Leather which is synthetic. 

You will also get a warranty for 2 months.

The Package will contain one MagEZ Card Sleeve and the cost of the MagEZ Card Sleeve 2 is only $29.99 and is quite efficient.