Change In Ending Of New Fight Club Version By Chinese Authorities Leaves Fans Confused

Fight Club

A major change to the end of Fight Club by a leading Chinese streaming service has led to a media storm. It appears that strict censorship rules in the country might have a role to play as David Fincher’s movie ended with an abrupt message that informed audiences that the authorities were triumphant, and the criminals were detained.

Video subscribers to streaming services were furious and mocked the altered and abridged version that distorted the original intent and message of the original 1999 cult classic. The movie is an adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, Fight Club, in which the anonymous narrator eliminates Tyler Durden, his doppelgänger, and sets off a series of explosions that destroy credit and bank records.

The Chinese Version Is A Distorted Narrative Of Fight Club

The narrator in fact resets the total economy and that is something the Chinese authorities are not very comfortable with someone depicting the defeat of the people in power, given their authoritative rule.

The Chinese version of Fight Club has shown the undertaking of Project Mayhem as a failed and foolish attempt of criminals.

In the distorted version of Fight Club, the authorities rapidly figure out the plan from clues that Tyler provided. The whole plan was exposed, and the criminals arrested, thus completely thwarting the mayhem that was to follow.

In a more bizarre turn of events, after the successful operation against Tyler, and the subsequent trial, he is sent to an asylum for psychological treatment.

Representatives of Tencent Holding were unavailable for comments. The rights to Fight Club are held by Pacific Audio And Video Company, which is s total subsidiary of Guangdong TV, controlled by the Chinese Authorities.

Fight Club was released only after the distorted version of the movie was permitted by the authoritarian government. Other movies, including Lord of War, starring Nicolas Cage, had the ending changed to suit the dictatorial narrative of the Chinese authorities.