Sharing Of Zelensky Photos, Reckless Ignorance By Senators

Volodymyr Zelensky

There has been news that two senators of the U.S. have been heavily criticized for their ignorant actions. Marco Rubio and Steve Daines, the Republican Senators have blatantly ignored the protocols and have shared the pictures of Zelensky, the President of Ukraine. The pictures that were shared were taken during an online meeting on Zoom call where Zelensky was discussing important issues with some lawmakers.

Even After Specifications, Zelensky Photos Were Shared

Dean Phillips, the Democratic-Republicans called this act of sharing Zelensky photos reckless and appalling. All members of this meeting were asked to not share any photos or information by the Ambassador of Ukraine. However, this specification was not followed by the two Senators and they have risked the life of Zelensky by their action. 

The sole objective of the meeting was to ask help from the U.S.  to defend Ukraine from the attack by Russia. The protocol was made to protect the President of Ukraine as he is a target of many assassination plans. This meeting went on for just an hour and right after that, both the two Senates posted Zelensky photos on Twitter. 

They were also criticized by Jason Crow, the Republican living in Colorado. He posted on social media that discipline has always been lacking in the Congressmen. Moreover, there were other disorderly behaviors in the meeting like when Zelensky was asked to pause in between his emotional speech by Rick Scott. 

There were other lawmakers who also shared Zelensky photos like Ted Cruz, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Jim Himes. Though they wrote positive messages, still they broke the protocol. However, later on, Zelensky himself posted a picture of the meeting and gave a statement that all those war crimes were discussed which are conducted by Russia, and he requested for more sanctions that must be issued to disrupt the economy of Russia. Zelensky also spoke about the bombings in schools, colleges, hospitals, churches, and chemical and nuclear power plants.