Mahomes Helped The Kansas City Chiefs Triumph Past Titans Over The Time

Kansas City Chiefs

When Pat Mahomes had been a student at Texas Tech, Mahomes frequently threw the ball more than sixty times in a match while scuffling around like a young child playing rec league football. Every run, pass, and yard were crucial for the Kansas City Chiefs to defeat the Titans.

Harrison Butker made up for two previous missed field goals by kicking the winning goal in overtime to help the Chiefs win 20-17. Mahomes completed forty-three of sixty-eight passes for 446 yards and a TD and he also ran again for game-tying touchdown. Also a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter.

Andy Reid, the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, advanced to 21-3 after a bye week by defeating a team that has always considered his adversary. He was only 2-9 up against the Titans, and Reid had three victories over the Kansa City Chiefs, along with a loss of 27-3 in Tennessee the previous season.

Kansas City Chiefs Triumph Past Tenesse Titans With The Help Of Pat Mahomes:

The way Henry was eating up yards against Kansas City Chief’s defense as well as the manner the Titans were stopping Mahomes and company going inside the 4th quarter indicated that things were headed for yet another letdown.

When the Kansas City Chiefs turned over on their own seven-yard boundary, they did so with a 17-9 deficit and little time remaining. However, in typical Mahomes manner, he forced his team forward. The drive was continued by his twenty-yard scramble on 3rd, also with 2:56 remaining, his scramble for a td on third-and-9 as well as the ensuing 2-point convert tied the score.

The Titans almost halted the Chiefs after they won their coin toss in extra time, but Noah Gray made a nice 3rd catch. When it was 4th down, Pat Mahomes hit Smith-Schuster to maintain the drive going as well as the clock ticking.