Le’Veon Bell Revisits Recent Statement Against Andy Reid

le'veon bell
le'veon bell

Le’Veon Bell, the running back who is a free agent, was on the headlines after making his dissatisfaction with Andy Reid known. He had claimed that he would never play under Andy Reid ever again. As a result, he has faced primarily negative feedback from the media and fans.

Le’Veon Bell Tries To Clear Things Up

Presently, after the reaction of the world, Le’Veon Bell released another statement in an attempt to clarify the comment. However, the clarification still leaves room for ample doubt and conjecture.

On Sunday, he had posted a series of messages on Twitter regarding the comment. This came a day after his original post on Instagram that had criticized Reid. His Twitter posts said that he is standing by what he has said regarding his desire to play under Reid once more. However, he clarified that he does not have anything negative to say about Kansas City. Furthermore, if he had another chance he would not have made his discontent with Reed a public matter.

Le’Veon Bell wrote that he did not regret saying what he said a single but. He then addressed the ones criticizing him personally for his statement and said it was in their rights to do so. However, he also pointed out it was in his right to criticize Andy Reid because of the things Reid had said to him.

Le’Veon Bell did not give any hints as to what might have been said by Reid that was objectionable. However, he added that excluding Reid, he enjoyed the brief period he had spent as a part of the Chiefs. He said Kansas City’s locker room was possibly the friendliest he has ever experienced and that his stay in the city was wonderful.

However, he also wishes that he had not made a public statement concerning Reid. He apologized for doing that. The free agent is still looking for a team.