Majorie Taylor Greene Banned From Twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Majorie Taylor Greene

Majorie Taylor Greene seems to be in trouble. She has had her account taken down by the Twitter authorities. The ban is said to be for one full week. Twitter has released its official explanation. They stated that Greene has failed to follow their policies. Greene had recently tweeted about the vaccination status in America. She also criticized the vaccines and portrayed her point of view regarding those. 

Majorie Taylor Greene Suspended For Twitter Policy Violation 

A recent post saw Majorie Taylor Greene express her opinions about the vaccines. She wrote in her tweet that the administration of Drugs should not be approving the vaccines. Greene also termed the vaccines as a failure. Coining them ineffective, the senator stated that the vaccination should be scrapped off. This led to a mass reaction. Twitter immediately tagged the post as misleading. Greene was also accused of misrepresenting covid related information. 

Twitter explained the reason for the suspension of the account. A representative stated that she was providing information that could mislead people. He also broke the news of Majorie Taylor Greene’s account suspension. The spokesperson stated the duration of the ban shall be for one week. 

Greene has a record of getting suspended. Earlier her account was banned for commenting irrationally. She had her account banned for a period of twelve hours. Greene had published theories regarding the senate elections for Georgia. Her account was taken down once again for twelve hours accusing her of misleading the mass. 

Majorie Taylor Greene should keep a check on what she is posting on social media. She needs to remember that her statements might have an immense impact on common people. Apart from all these, she could also get a permanent suspension from Twitter. The authorities can suspend any account permanently if a person provides misinformation about Covid. Violation of the policies for five or more instances will ban your account permanently.