Mike Lindell Refuses Break

Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell put up quite a show on Tuesday. He was promoting a campaign where he stated about the alleged election debacle. Lindell was an ardent follower of Donald Trump. He thought that possible fraud has occurred in the election process. Notably, the federal election saw Donald Trump lose to Joe Biden. While onstage, Lindell stated that he wanted to continue his campaign without break. He refused to be taking any sort of respite. He announced dramatically that he would not leave the stage for three days straight.   

Mike Lindell Breaks Promise Of “No Break”

Mike Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow. He launched a campaign that is to be carried out for three days. While addressing the crowd he claimed that seemed unrealistic. Lindell claimed to stay at the stage for three days straight. When asked about taking a break, he reacted in a blizzard way. His emotions took over him and he shouted. 

However, Lindell could not keep his promise of not taking a break. He finished his speech and left the stage a few moments later. The proceedings were then taken over by one of his co-workers.

Lindell is always known to be a die-hard supporter of Donald Trump. Since the loss of Trump, he has carried on multiple campaigns. Most of his campaigns stated that the vote was tampered with. He suggested foul play in the elections. He hyped up his campaign claiming it would provide first-hand evidence to cement his claims. Lindell also filmed documentaries that claimed to contain proof of the election scandal. However, no concrete conclusion has yet been provided from his programs. 

Mike Lindell also claimed that his website was tampered with before the event. He seemed angry as he had difficulty airing his event live. After a few moments of agony, the event was finally up and running.