Val Kilmer Recovering From Cancer

Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer is on his way to recovering from the dreaded Cancer. He has had a long battle with the terrible disease and is now on way to overcome it. The veteran actor shared the news a few years back. It was revealed that the actor was suffering from throat cancer. After a painful span of some months, he finally was cured of the disease. 

Val Kilmer Having A Tough Recovery

The 61-year-old actor was identified with throat cancer a few years back. As soon as the news broke, fans and followers were shocked. Best wishes got showered upon him as he was admitted to the hospital. Kilmer toiled hard and fought bravely with the dreadful disease. Fortunately, the cancer was cured. But his trachea had to be operated on. 

This made things difficult for Kilmer. His recovery has also been affected by this. Val Kilmer will be featured in a documentary. The title of the film will be ” Val”. This would portray the darkest times of the actor’s life. It will depict his fight with cancer and the journey thereafter. 

Kilmer has two kids. Jack was 26 years old while Mercedes was aged 29. Mercedes informed the reporters about their father’s details. She started that her father was recovering slowly. The process of recovering was also painful and hard as was the actual disease, Mercedes added. Kilmer, along with his kids has been blessed with wishes. She thanked all of them. to provide support in their hard times. 


Val Kilmer’s documentation also contained fun content, added Mercedes. She seemed very much excited about the documentary. Val Kilmer was unaware of most of the footage. All of them would be a surprise for the actor once the film was released. Mercedes reflected on the jolly nature of her father. She also stated that he loved to enjoy life to its fullest.