Majority In Bipartisan Senate Rebukes Regulatory Authority Of Biden Once More

Bipartisan Senate
Bipartisan Senate

On May 4th, there was another setback facing the White House regarding the presidential regulatory agenda. Republicans in the Senate secured the support of the bipartisan section regarding two votes. One of them was regarding solar panels that included parts made in China. The other is regarding protections for a specific endangered species – the lesser prairie chicken.

Bipartisan Senate Leans Towards Republicans

The two victories follow the success of the Republicans in getting the Bipartisan Senate’s approval on a variety of initiatives. This included the end of the national emergency due to Covid-19 as well as pulling back the criminal law of DC. Sometimes, it required the help of the Congressional Review Act. It let the Republicans pull back administrative regulatory actions requiring the 60 votes needed to win a filibuster.

Nevertheless, President Biden is expected to sustain vetoes regarding the two recent measures. However, the May 4th voting showed a rebuke from the Bipartisan Congress. The first one was approved by 56 votes for and 41 against. It will reapply tariffs for solar panels manufactured in 4 countries in Southeast Asia, which use parts made in China. As per the Republicans’ argument, the tariffs were waived by President Biden in a bid to increase clean energy usage in the US. Every Republican, along with 9 Democrats, approved of the measure.

The second Bipartisan Senate rebuke came in the form of 50 votes for and 48 against. Republicans, such as Kansas Representative Roger Marshall, were infuriated with further protection for the lesser prairie chicken. They argued that past efforts have already successfully protected the bird. As such, further, Washington dictates will be harmful to the economy. From the Democrats, only Manchin supported the Republicans in disapproving of the measure.