Frankie Valli Comments On His 89th Birthday And Him Being A Character On ‘Jersey Boys’

Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli may be turning one year shy of 90, but his spirit can rival a 20-year-old’s any day of the week. Of course, his golden heart remains as well, as he continues to live his life to the fullest. In an interview with PEOPLE, Frankie said that turning 89 felt “pretty good”.

Frankie Valli Continues To Look Forward To Life

Frankie Valli says that it is simply one more year, as he looks at it. As such, till now, his health has remained pretty good – so good that he can drive. Moreover, his brain functions remain just as good and he has also not grown any aversion to learning. He explains that he likes reading scripts, and how he reviews new music as well as hearing other artist’s music to draw inspiration. He apparently enjoys rap music more, recently.

As for the things that make him stay young, Frankie Valli says claims that “baby food” is the secret. But that was just a joke on his part. According to Valli, one’s mind is the secret to staying young, and one has to continue using it. He talks about people who looked forward to retirement a lot. However, the moment they retired, they started aging extremely quickly.

Frankie Valli says it was like their mind had too many things occupying it. He believes that if these people tried to keep themselves even slightly busier, they may have been able to stretch the post-retirement years that everyone looks forward to.

Frankie Valli philosophically adds that age is nothing more than a mindset. He explains how every age presents wonderful things that can be learned. Even kids can be teachers as long as one is attentive to their surroundings.