Fans Demand Sebastian Stan As The Character Of Luke Skywalker In The Mandalorian

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan

There was a reappearance of a character from Star Wars who fans want Sebastian Stan to play in the last episode of The Mandalorian. We all knew that the finale of the show’s second season would be an affair fully packed with action and it was exactly like that. The return of the character of Boba Fett with a massive showdown with Giancarlo Esposito(Moff Gideon) wasn’t enough for this episode. It also shocked everybody with the reappearance of Luke Skywalker, who is a legendary character of the movie series Star Wars.

Fan Sentiments Over Sebastian Stan

While most of the fans were happy to watch the return of the Jedi into the fold, some fans were unhappy with the character’s casting. The appearance of Luke was like a cameo, acted by Mark Hamill, the original actor who was aged down using digital technology. His body double was Max Jones. While all this was very pleasing for a few fans others thought that the effect of the character was not so heavy.

Several fans posted on social media about their wishes of getting Sebastian Stan to be cast as Luke Skywalker. One fan wrote that the producers of the show would have to let go of their obsession regarding the past. They should focus on the quality of the product. Criticizing the CGI as Luke he wants Sebastian Stan to play the role. However few fans feel that the return of Luke Skywalker was enough for them and they would want Sebastian Stan to play the role of Luke Skywalker but Hamill still has the potential of being this kickass Jedi.

Stan who became popular after playing the role of Winter Soldier in various Marvel films has been rumored to play the character of Luke Skywalker because of his similarity with the appearance of young Hamill. Some fans want him to be the kickass Jedi in the future.