Discussing LMNR Stock After Being Demoted To A “Sell” Rating

SNAP business
SNAP business

Limoneira (LMNR) got its ratings downgraded to a “sell” by Zacks Research on Saturday.

Other analysts also reported on the company’s stocks. National Securities issued a rating of “buy” on the company’s stocks and set $20.00 as the price objective of the shares of the company on September 10th, Friday. Bidaskclub downgraded its ratings from “hold” to “sell” on the company’s shares on October 14th, Wednesday. TheStreet upgraded its ratings from “d+” to “c-” on the company’s shares on September 15th, Tuesday.

LMNR Stock Update

Two analysts have issued ratings of “sell” on the company’s stocks, one has issued a rating of “hold” on the company’s shares and four analysts have issued a rating of “buy” on the company’s stocks. The stock currently has “hold” as its consensus rating and $18.20 as its target price in the stock market on average.

LMNR stock started on Friday at $15.23.T he company has $10.60 as its 12 months low and $21.85 as its 12 months high. The firm has a 1.58 quick ratio,1.78 current ratios, and 0.59 as the ratio between debt and equity. The firm has $271.34 million in market capitalization, a -21.15 P/E ratio, a 5.62 ratio between price and earnings growth, and a 1.04 beta. The company’s moving average for 50 days is $14.76 and the company’s moving average for 200 days is $14.42.

Limoneira Company engages in real estate and agribusiness across the globe and the US. The firm operates through a total of six segments: lemon packing, fresh lemons, other agribusiness, avocados, real estate business, and Rental Operations. It sells, markets, packs, processes, and grows lemons. The agribusiness includes the operations of lemon packing and farming. The company’s rental operations include operations in leased and commercial lands, organic recycling, and housing. The company’s real estate businesses include real estate development and projects. The company has its headquarters in California’s Santa Paula.