Mark Kelly Is Sworn As The New Arizona Senator

Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly

Democrats have acquired a seat in the Senate on 2nd December, Wednesday, and Mark Kelly, the former astronaut, has been sworn in for the position of Senator of Arizona following the defeat of Martha McSally (Republican Senator) in the past month.

Kelly has been sworn in immediately with this special election while the other elected senators have to await their swearing till January 2021.

Details About Mark Kelly

The aide of Kelly had reported his swearing-in, previously during the day, and he will be accompanied by his wife, Gabby Giffords (prior representative of Democrats) along with his daughters, twin brothers, and close friends.

The control of the Senate on behalf of the party remains undecided, so far, as it depends on the two runoffs of the state of Georgia that is due in January. However, the victory over Arizona is a great success for Democrats who have been aiming for the seat from the beginning of 2020.

Mark Kelly is a retired captain of the Navy as well as a NASA astronaut and won this special election following the tragedy that had befallen.

Kelly came to the national limelight in 2011 after his wife, Gabby Giffords, almost died after she had been shot right in her head which created immense waves of shock across the entire country.

Later, Kelly joined national politics and started the Responsible Solutions group for US citizens that pledged to protect the policies of gun control and laws of red-flag.

He has traveled 4 times to space and the political career was another feather to his renowned career.

He has further expressed his wish to use the Senate office desk that formerly belonged to McCain.