If Section 230 Is Not Terminated, Trump Will Veto The Defence Bill

Section 230
Section 230

Donald Trump has recently made a tweet on Tuesday regarding his decision to veto the Act of National Defence Authorization if Congress does not revoke Section 230 (1996).

This Act is for the Communications Decency that has been accused of breaching the codes of privacy across various social media platforms and withdraws the liability of the contents posted by social media users.

Details of Section 230

The opponents of the bill have frequently expressed their disfavor of the social media giants including Facebook and Twitter. They have repeatedly stated that they must not be protected as neutral podiums whereas they function as biased publishers.

Trump has repeatedly refused to accept the results of the US presidential election and his attorneys are currently investigating the claims of fraud and manipulation of votes.

This has encouraged over 88 million Twitter followers of Trump to support and endorse his allegations in an extensive manner.

Section 230 is a massive shield for social media apps from steering clear of accountability and pose a threat to the Election Integrity & National Security of the nation. Trump has also added that it is unfair and harmful if it is not terminated unequivocally and immediately.

Although contacts have been made with Facebook regarding this issue, there has been no reply from the authorities. The spokesperson of Twitter has also been refused to respond.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, have spoken regarding the law to the committee of Senate Commerce in October.

They have stated that Section 230 is significant to protect the freedom of expression and its removal will hinder the speech of the internet.