Marvel Casts Tatiana Maslany As She-Hulk

Tatiana Maslany
Tatiana Maslany

On the Investor Day of Disney, Marvel confirmed Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk and Tim Roth and Mark Ruffalo are a part of the cast.

Kevin Feige, representing Marvel at this event confirmed that Tim Roth and Mark Ruffalo will return in the roles of Abomination and Hulk respectively. While Ruffalo being the staple guy of MCU, Tim has not starred as his villain since the Hulk movie of 2008. Feige also joked about how Walters might be trading paths with few well-known MCU characters because of her legal career and described the upcoming show as comedic. In September, Tatiana Maslany’s role as MCU’s She-Hulk got first announced by Deadline but Walters denied this report later.

Despite Tatiana Maslany’s denial, her role was confirmed and celebrated by veteran comic writers Dan Slott and Charles Soule, Phil Noto, Shang-Chi, Simu Liu, and Mark Ruffalo. The series is also casting Lucy, a codename for a villain. The reports described her as a social network guru with her dark side. She will probably play a significant role in this series for five episodes at least. The series is also trying to cast the parents of Walter as supporting roles plus male co-workers in their late twenties or 30s. Finally, Susie, a codename for Walter’s best friend, is also on the show. The series is trying to cast an Asian-American with some comedy experience for playing this part.

A Little Bit More About Tatiana Maslany She-Hulk

Created by writer Stan Lee and John Buscema, writer, She-Hulk was first seen in Feb 1980 in her movie. After suffering an injury, She-Hulk gets a transfusion from Bruce Banner, her cousin which gave her some milder powers than Hulk. This also gave her the strengths of a superhuman but allowed her to maintain intellectual and emotional intelligence. Developed by Rick and Morty creator, Jessica Gao and director Anu Valia and Kat Coiro, She-Hulk starring Tatiana Maslany will premiere on Disney+ exclusively.