Ken Paxton Has Sued Biden Administration Over Vaccine Mandate

Ken Paxton
Ken Paxton

Ken Paxton, the Republican Attorney General for the state of Texas, recently filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden’s administration over the vaccine mandate. The federal mandate over covid vaccines has been pushed towards companies with over 100 employees to vaccinate their employees against the dreaded virus. In an interview with Fox News Digital after filing the lawsuit, Paxton stated that the federal government was simply overreaching and moving beyond the authority of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Against Vaccine Mandate

Ken Paxton also tweeted on Friday that the new vaccine mandate of Joe Biden on most of the private businesses was simply a breathtaking abuse of power. Recently, OSHA has been giving employers with over 100 employees a deadline of January 4 within which they have to comply with the vaccine mandate placed by the Biden administration, along with thousands of dollars in fines if someone were to refuse to comply with it. This has been released in a fact sheet by the White House. 

Ken Paxton believes that OSHA has far limited authority and extremely specific responsibilities. The latest move goes beyond both borders. The standard, as the Biden administration considers it, is simply unconstitutional. He has further urged the Court to bring down the mandate- owing to the administration abusing the power that they have. 

In his interview, Ken Paxton stated that the mandate was extremely horrible- not just for the American people, but also for most American businesses. He further complained that the Biden administration did not show much concern over the spread of the pandemic at the southern border- quite a sharp turn from his comments about the White House’s abuse of power. He finds it quite ironic that the current government has been letting illegal immigrants into the country by testing them for COVID.