Kyrie Irving Suffers Ankle Injury As Nets Routed By Bucks

kyrie irving
kyrie irving

The Milwaukee Bucks performed as per their regular-season form for the first time in their playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets. As a result, the fourth game’s second half was dominated by the Bucks. The final score stood at 107-96 in favor of Milwaukee. The semifinals series in the East Conference now stands drawn at 2 games apiece.

Brooklyn Nets’ Advance Uncertain After Kyrie Irving Injury

For the Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo outshone and outperformed Kevin Durant of the Nets on the night. Kyrie Irving could not play the full game, unfortunately, because he suffered a sprain in his right ankle.

Antetokounmpo racked up a score of 34 points, 12 of which were rebounds. Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton also found space and time in the game to score 14 and 19 points respectively.

However, Kyrie Irving’s injury means adds to the Nets’ lacking offensive as James Harden is also out. In this game, the responsibility fell on Durant’s shoulder which he tried to dispatch as best as he can. In a period of 42 minutes, he scored 28 points along with a further 13 rebounds. The bench was emptied by the Nets as 4 minutes and 28 seconds were still left on the clock. The Bucks also had a lead of 15 points by that point.

The fifth game will be held in Brooklyn on Tuesday while the sixth game will be in Milwaukee on Thursday.

Kyrie Irving’s right ankle got sprained after landing on the foot of Antetokounmpo as he made a bucket in the middle of the second period. Antetotokounmpo was possibly looking for a rebound and undercut the landing of Irving. Even though the player had to leave the locker room in crutches, Steve Nash reported that X-rays did not show any significant damage.

Irving is the latest to be injured for the Nets after Harden and Jeff Green.