Match 4 Sees The Duo Of Aaron Rodgers & Bryson DeChambeau Reign Supreme

Match 4
Match 4

Match 4 of the Golf Charity saw the team of Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson finish second best. This was a successive loss for the team following their earlier failures.

Match number four that was held in Montana pretty much established the supremacy of Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau as a team. They went on to beat Mickelson and Brady 3,2 comfortably.

Match 4 Accounts For A Splendid Performance From Rodgers & DeChambeau

The Match which was played for a charitable cause saw some quality golf matches, some friendly banter, and a magnificent view.

Match 4 did not hint at the exit of Mickelson & Brady initially. Both the teams went neck in neck and everything seemed all square. That was when Rodgers & DeChambeau took the lead as Rodgers upped the ante with three consecutive birdies.

The duo of Mickelson & Brady tried to pull things back at number 15. However, once Brady missed the chance of a possible birdie from a distance, the other team did not give them a second chance. Aaron Rodgers drove them home by nailing a birdie from as far as 10 feet. Mickelson & Brady now have lost both the matches as a team. They previously suffered a loss at the hands of Tiger Woods, who teamed up with Peyton Manning in 2020, May.

While Rodger stated that he lacked practice recently, DeChambeau was all praise for his winning partner. Match 4, initially saw Mickelson & Brady take the lead but failed to capitalize. 

Match 4 had its moments as well. Rob Gronkowski was involved in some friendly chat with Brady and Rodgers. A bear strolled into the premises once but quickly left. Guest appearances were also made by some goats and moose.

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