Rachel Nichols Barred From NBA Finals As ESPN ” Fails” To Broadcast Her Show

Rachel Nichols
Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols’ coverage of her show at the NBA finals was cut short by ESPN. Immediately after this incident, ESPN did not air Rachel Nichols’ show sparking rumors among the mass.

Rachel Nichols, who was restricted from the sideline broadcast of the finals of the NBA, saw ESPN “failing” to broadcast her show a few hours later Tuesday afternoon.

This incident holds significance because Nichols claimed that Maria Taylor got the nod to host the finals because she was black. Nichols, who hosted most of the matches during the knockouts, expected to host the finals as well.

Rachel Nichols Gets The Stick As ESPN Seemingly Portrays A Zero Tolerance Attitude Towards Racism

However, things took a surprising turn on Sunday. As the call recording between Nichols and Adam Mendelsohn got published in a leading newspaper, triggering a huge controversy.

The accidental leak saw Nichols vent out her frustration. She said that Maria Taylor got to be the spot host because of her race.

Nichols also stated that she was supposed to host the show. When ESPN came to know about the incident, they promptly barred Nichols from the coverage. Maria Taylor was supposed to continue with other co-workers. Malika Andrews was assigned with the work of reporting from the sideline.

Rachel Nichols’ show “The Jump” did not have its scheduled broadcast as well. However, ESPN kept a tight lip about the incident. Rachel Nichols straightaway apologized for her statements. She made it clear that it was a mistake that she did not want to replicate. Nichols also expressed her respect for all of her co-workers.