Matt Gaetz’ Investigation Leads To A New Turn Of Events

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

According to sources, the federal authorities are looking into a new direction with regard to the investigation of Matt Gaetz, Congressman from the Republican party. The Congressman is currently involved in an investigation after he was accused of sexual harassment and human trafficking.

Matt Gaetz Bribed To Influence Marijuana Laws?

It has been reported that there is an investigation going on the trip that had been taken by Matt Gaetz in the year 2018. He had traveled to the Bahamas. The Congressman was not alone, he had been accompanied by a number of young women. 

It is doubted that there was a very important intention behind the trip. Reports say that it was a way to make an influence on Matt Gaetz. It was done in order to bring about required changes in the domain of medical marijuana.

The prosecutors are working with the section of Public Integrity of the Justice Department on the above-mentioned issue. They are currently examining if the Republican Congressman ever received gifts that included paid escorts and travel and indulged in granting political favors in return.

There is another part of the probe that is being carried out simultaneously. Investigators are looking into the kind of relationship of the man with the 17-year-old girl. 

When it comes to the case of public corruption, it has been confirmed that the investigators in charge are trying their best to find the connection between Matt Gaetz and other potentially offensive parties. They include the people belonging to the industry of medical marijuana. They are looking into if his connection with those people had any role to play in the legislation of medical marijuana. 

The Republican has always been an active advocate of medical marijuana. Owing to this fact, he has brought about several laws for de-escalating strictness with regard to the substance.