Tim Scott’s Interesting Political Journey

Tim Scott
Tim Scott

As per the announcement concerning Tim Scott, the Senator and the former quarterback of football, it is no doubt that he will be under the spotlight throughout the country. 

He has been chosen to make the delivery of the response of the Republican party. He will be making direct communication with Joe Biden, the former president of the country following the joint session of the US Congress. It is to take place on Wednesday. Tim Scott will be enjoying the luxury of the spotlight at a time when the Republican party is not in a very good position. The party is currently occupied in wrestling the direction and leaders of the future.

Tim Scott’s Entrance

The chosen Republican took to the social media platform, Twitter, following news of him getting chosen to deliver the speech. He expressed his thankfulness and honor on hearing the news. He also talked about the confidence that he has in his vision with regard to the future of the country. Tim Scott tweeted that he is happy to share the plans that he has made keeping in mind the potential of the country.

The football star is the only Republican Senator belonging to the community of the Blacks. He is looked upon as one of the rising stars of the party. This has been so since a seat of the House was won by him in the year 2010. He won over the late Senator Strom Thurmond’s son in the primary of the GOP. Thurmond was a Senator from South Carolina.

After a total of three years, Tim Scott got appointed to the US Senate by Nikki Haley, the then Governor of the state of South Carolina. Haley took the office after Jim DeMint gave his resignation. Tim Scott has had a lively GOP journey. Especially in the presidency of Donald Trump, the former American President.