Matt Mauser’s Emotional AGT Audition

Matt Mauser
Matt Mauser

Matt Mauser, the musical artist, gave a performance that was absolutely memorable on the floor of the American television show, America’s Got Talent. His performance was full of emotions that he himself could not control. 

Matt Mauser’s Experiences

The participants sang a song by Phil Collins, the music sensation. The title of the track was “Against All Odds.” The 51-year-old American artist added his own twist to the song which sounded extremely emotional. The episode from a part of the 16th season of the show airs over the channel, NBC. The episode was aired on the tenth of July that fell on a Tuesday. The song was dedicated to his late wife, Christina Mauser.

Matt Mauser lost his 38-year-old wife to an accident that took place on the 26th of January in the year 2020. The accident that took his wife away from him also killed other people including Kobe Bryant, the NBA legend from NBA as well as Gianni Bryant, his daughter who was just 13-years-old. The entire group was headed to the Mamba Academy of the NBA star that is situated in the state of California. It was a basketball game for the youth. However, on their way, the chopper crashed into one of the mountains and killed them all.

Matt Mauser, on the platform of AGT, shared with the audience about his hopes of using the money if he wins the show. The amount of the prize money is 1 million USD. The contestant also shared the experiences that he went through while he gave his audition. It was stated that he was fighting the urge to get emotional due to the memories of his late wife. And that was accompanied by his nervousness about singing in front of so many people. Matt Mauser also stated that he could feel the strong presence of his wife when everything took place.

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